Sovaldi Price

Sovaldi is a highly effective and safe sofosbuvir antiviral medicine that works to prevent the spread of Hepatitis C within the body. It’s also used to treat those with HIV, liver cancer, or those about to receive a liver transplant. However, it is not meant to be a treatment for HIV and AIDS. Sovaldi is meant to be used in conjunction with another antiviral medication, such as ribavirin, daclastavir, and/or peginterferon alfa.
 For an adult suffering from chronic Hepatitis C, dosage is one 400 mg tablet to be taken by mouth once per day. However, the amount of time one will have to take the drug depends on the particular genotype of the chronic hepatitis C diagnosis. A doctor will inform the patient which medication regimen he or she recommends for the course of treatment for that particular patient.

Though the cost of Sovaldi has many stammered, doctors see it as being cost justified when considering that Hepatitis C is hard to cure, especially with the level of safety and efficacy that Sovaldi offers. Doctors, such as liver expert Dr. Terrault, MD, think of it as a cost per cure, and that no cost of saving a human life is too high. With the deadly risk that Hepatitis C presents, it makes sense, then, that the drug needed to combat it wouldn’t come easily. Luckily, there are options for getting Sovaldi cheaper than market prices. These will be mentioned below.
Currently, without medical insurance or current healthcare provider coverage, a Sovaldi 400 MG tablet has varying costs across different US pharmacies. At Eaton Apothecary, the cost is $1084.30 per tablet, $1085.50 at Rite Aid Pharmacy, and a bit more expensive at Walgreens and CVS Pharmacies at $1094.50 and $1099.30 respectively. This makes the cost of a 12 week treatment approximately $84,000.

Though the cost is quite high and has been fixed at current rates for some time, there are opportunities for price drops based on whether you purchase online or in person. Prices also may change depending on the availability of promotional coupons, availability of rebates, and the availability of patient assistance programs.

Hepatitis C is a deadly diagnosis that is hard to treat. Treatments other than Sovaldi are ineffective and come with debilitating side effects. This isn’t the case with the Sovaldi sofosbuvir treatment. This method of treatment has proven itself to be effective at curing the deadly Hepatitis C and comes at the cost of very little side effects. The cost of getting the drug to the market isn’t often considered when people want to get angry about the monetary cost of Sovaldi. Since the Gilead purchase of Pharmasset Pharmaceuticals cost $11 billion, customers of the now-Gilead produced medication are paying for the buyout in order for Gilead to be able to continue producing the coveted medication. As of now, there is nothing on the market that can rival Sovaldi’s performance in treading Hepatitis C.