Nexplanon Price


Nexplanon (etonogestrel) is a contraceptive drug that’s used for birth control that’s expensive but a viable solution for long term contraception. Normally, Nexplanon is used in contraceptive implants that can prevent pregnancy for up to 3 years with just a single implant. Women who categorically know that they want a long break from pregnancy resort to this form of birth control that’s convenient and takes the pain of taking pills every day. The price of one Nexplanon subcutaneous implant 68mg varies between $801-$850 depending on the pharmacy that you visit.

Pharmacy Cost

The implant is a small flexible tube that’s filled with Nexplanon. This 40mm long tube is inserted into the skin of your upper arm by a medical health professional. The purpose of the implant is to stop the release of an egg from the ovary by slowly releasing the drug into the blood stream. The implant is really reliable and has a success ratio of 99 percent, meaning that less than 1 in 1000 women with the Nexplanon implant gets pregnant in three years. The implant works by steadily releasing the hormone progestogen into the bloodstream, that works just like the natural hormone progesterone. The continuous release of a progestogen like etonogestrel stops the release of an egg every month, working by thickening the mucus in the cervix, making it impossible for the sperm to pass through. Progestogen also reduces the thickness of the womb lining, making it difficult for it to support a fertilized egg. Nexplanon is safe to use and women using it hardly face any serious side effects. When the implant is removed, a woman regains their fertility back just within a few days making it a viable option for someone who scares permanent infertility being caused by the persistent use of contraceptives.

Manufacturer’s Rebates, Discount Cards and Patient Assistance Programs for Nexplanon

For now, there isn’t a generic version available for Nexplanon which takes us to the question: How someone without an insurance could afford this form of contraception. There are no manufacturer coupons available for Nexplanon so far, but there are Patient Assistance Programs for this drug that are provided to uninsured or under-insured low-income families and are funded by pharmaceutical companies. The eligibility criteria for each medicine varies for every drug so make sure that you check with your doctor who will be responsible for getting you on the list. Nexplanon is provided by Merck Connect under the Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs) and their eligibility requirements aren’t disclosed but rather determined case by case. The PAPs are provided to those only for whom Nexplanon is deemed medically necessary. Moreover, Nexplanon is only available to Healthcare professionals who are required to register to access patient support programs, product samples, resources, etc.