Januvia Price

Januvia – introduction and general information


Januvia (Sitagliptin) is a popular oral diabetes medicine which is used to control the level of blood sugar. This medicine works by taking control of the insulin in the body which is produced in the body after eating.

Januvia is used in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. Januvia is also used along with other medications of diabetes but it is never used for treating type 1 diabetes. You should be careful while using Januvia and it should not be used if you are suffering from ketoacidosis that is if you call your doctor for treatment with the substance insulin.

You should not use Januvia if your body is reactive to sitagliptin or if you have diabetic ketoacidosis

If you want to assure that Januvia is not harmful to you should call your doctor if you are suffering from some particular diseases. These include pancreatitis, kidney disease or if you are undergoing dialysis, gallstones, addicted to alcohol and high triglycerides which is a type of fat in blood.

The good news for women is that Januvia does not harm the unborn baby. So in case if you want to become pregnant or if you are expecting you can take Januvia. In this case you need to register with Januvia pregnancy registry if want to take this medicine.  However it is not known that sitagliptin fuses into breast milk or if there is any harm to the nursing baby. If you are breast feeding please tell your doctor about it. Januvia is not approved to be used by minors that is it is not be taken by people who are under 18 years of age.

How to take Januvia?

While you are taking Januvia you need to strictly follow the prescription given to you. You need to follow the directions given on your prescription. Your dose may be changed by your doctor to make sure that you are getting the desired result. You should take this medicine exactly in the same quantity as prescribed by your doctor – neither large nor small amount. In addition you should take this medicine for a longer period than advised.

You can take Januvia with or without food for which you have to follow the instructions of your doctor. Moreover your blood sugar needs to be checked on a regular basis and this requires you to go for other blood test as per the doctor’s advice.

Cost of Januvia

You can avail good discounts while purchasing Januvia by using drugs.com discount card which is accepted in the majority of pharmacies in U.S.

The cost for 25 mg Januvia tablet is around $411 for 30 tablets which depends on the pharmacy you are going to visit. These are prices where payment is made in cash and these prices do not cover the insurance plans.

Similarly the cost for 50 mg Januvia tablet is around $254.23 for 30 tablets and for 100 tablets you need to pay around $1355.38. In the same way the cost for 100 mg Januvia tablet is around $373.30 for 30 tablets and for 1000 tablets it costs you around $13499.75.

The cost of 30 Januvia capsules of 50 mg is about $397.97 in Rite Aid which is a popular online drug store. In the same way the cost of 50 mg Januvia capsules at CVS is about $402.22.

If you buy 90 capsules of 100 mg at Walgreens store it will cost you around $1061.44 and it will cost you around $1198.07 at CVS store.

It is good to know here that when there is a range in pricing the customers are more likely to pay less.

Coupons and rebates

Januvia offers come in various form like rebate, printable coupon, savings card, free samples or trail offer. Some of these offers can be printed from the website while other may require you to register, answering a couple of specified questions or even obtaining a sample from doctor. Januvia also offers free trail offer in which the patients gets free 30 day supply of 60 tablets.

Januvia also offers savings coupon and if you are insured you just need to pay $5 on every prescription and this is valid for 12 prescriptions. You can do savings up to $150 every month.

There are many pharmacy chains offering the best prices. The Canada Drug Stop is one of the best pharmacy stores. The cost of 84 tablets of 100 mg is $107 which includes $10 for shipping. Another pharmacy chain offers 28 tablets of 100 mg at $51.80 which includes $9.00 as shipping charges. Moreover the cost of Januvia tablets is low in private pharmacies as compare to chain stores. The price of this tablet varies with the number of pills and dosage which is usually less for more number of ordered tablets. It is quite obvious that the generic tablet of Januvia is lower than its other form available in the market.