EpiPen Price

EpiPen is an epinephrine autoinjector, a medical device that’s used to inject a measured dose of epinephrine (adrenaline) into the bloodstream. EpiPen is used most commonly to deal with anaphylactic reactions resulting from severe allergies. This particular life-saving drug is a must-have for someone who is prone to allergic reactions; however, with the prevailing prices of EpiPen, it’s more like a luxury to afford such medication without an insurance plan.

EpiPen is one of the most expensive life-saving drugs that’s available on the market right now. The price of the drug has persistently spiked (535 percent) over the last few years. Meanwhile, the prescriptions of EpiPen have increased by 300 percent.

For a life-saving drug like EpiPen, failing to fill a prescription could mean putting the person in the limbo of life and death. And that’s why the price hike of such a medicine is deemed ethically troublesome. Epinephrine prevents the blood pressure from going down during an anaphylactic reaction, otherwise, the air passage is narrowed, making it difficult for the person to breathe.

Mylan, the generic drugmaker who bought the rights to sell EpiPen, increased the prices of the drug significantly from $94 to a whopping $609. The company also released a generic $300 EpiPen in an attempt to deal with the outcry on price hikes and rising out-of-pocket spending.

And not just that, things have turned worse since the health insurance company Cigna dropped the coverage of branded EpiPen.

Since Mylan introduced their generic version of EpiPen, it’s the one that’s been sold and prescribed largely. The $300 price tag isn’t still a small one but with some help from discount coupons and rebates, it’s possible to get Epipen for around $150. The price of Epipen from local U.S. pharmacies is set marginally around $300 with Fenway Pharmacy Sea selling it for $286.07 – the minimum retail price for a pack of EpiPen.


EpiPen Savings Card

The savings card from Epipen offers up to $300 off on EpiPen 2-Pak. However, this isn’t great for the users in reality. The savings coupons that are meant to provide $300 off on a pack of EpiPen will do so on the $609 list price. So if you want to redeem the savings coupon, you will have to pay the full price. The coupon will be available for up to six two-pack cartons in a year. Also, remember that it doesn’t apply to everyone, there are criteria and you need to fit-in to get the savings card.

 Online Rebates and Coupons

There are different online stores that also provide discounts. Rebates.com claims to provide up to 75% off on your prescription. For that, all you have to do is to take their discount coupon and show it to the nearest pharmacy store. Remember that these online coupons won’t work in conjunction with EpiPen Savings Card. There are similar sites that also offers such coupons, so make sure you get your hands onto one that offers up to $75 percent off on your prescription.

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